Submissive slut gets the nasty facial abuse treatment…and she’ll NEVER forget it!!

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Let the Facial Abuse guys on a young submissive and you just know the sparks will fly! Nicoletta Frost, just doesn’t know what she’s letting herself in for, but you can be sure she’ll end up being brutally face & butt fucked – an experience she’s NEVER likely to be able to forget :)

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Skinny 20year old blonde, gets her first taste of facial abuse…

blonde face fuckedNo slut is ever likely to forget the first time they get subjected to facial abuse – the blonde whore in these photos is called Tiffany.

She takes her ordeal exceptionally well – no matter how hard the cock is rammed down her throat, she keeps begging for more – how long will it be till she pukes all over the guys dick? He doesn’t care, hell butt fuck her when that time comes before sprayed her face with his jizz!

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Leena Sky, face fucked and butt fucked

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Rough sex loving bitch Leena Sky is about to have a fuck she won’t ever be able to forget – the guys at Facial Abuse don’t fuck around, and when a girl ASKS for it rough that’s exactly what she’ll get. They stick a cock down her throat – she pukes, and the dirty crazy bastards force feed her the puke! The abuse isn’t over by any means – she gets fucked in the ass, before her face and throat get more punishment – bitch still begs for more :)

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Mia Rider, takes some nasty extreme Facial Abuse…

Mia Rider is one fucking dumb bitch…but check out those tits of hers – who cares she’s as dumb as shit :) Mia is no stranger to extreme face fucking – after all what red blooded man is ever going to be able to resist a dumb big titted whore!? In these Facial Abuse photos she’s in for the nastiest face fuck her entire slutty life – will she puke? Of course she will no slut can handle this relentless abuse…she sure looks good with puke and cum all over her face :)

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Amateur Throats presents, Layla :)

Layla is a barely legal teen that has never even considered doing anything like this before. She had a tight tiny mouth but was willing to learn how to be face fucked. Halfway into her face fucking lesson she was ready to be throat fucked – holly fuck this young bitch learns fast – or maybe she just has a god given talent for cock-sucking :) Either way if your ever lucky enough to meet a bitch like Layla – do her and yourself a favor and fuck her face till she pukes!

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Cute teen blonde Elizabeth, LOVES it rough :)


Young blonde slut Elizabeth, acts like she can handle just about anything – the boys at Facial Abuse will find out just how much she CAN handle, and they push things to new extremes :) She has a tiny throat, the guys really have to force there hard cocks down it, but she doesn’t complain, even when she’s about to puke she just goes with it — an obedient little whore isn’t she!?

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Ghetto slut Divinity Divine, pukes when given a vicious face fuck :)

Divinity Divine is a filthy ghetto whore, who’s sucked on more hard cock than anyone could ever keep track off :) She tries her very best not to puke all over the guys hard cock in these nasty face fucking pictures from Ghetto Gaggers, but fuck even this trailer trash whore has her limits. The guy pounds her throat relentlessly just the way she likes it, she can hardly breathe, and still the face fucking continues – a lil but of puke won’t stop this hardcore, extreme fuck fest!

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